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With a long list of satisfied website design customers, our priorities have naturally developed to provide those clients with services they most frequently ask for and require. That is why AKSYS is so heavily focused on and dedicated to providing regular website support and search engine optimization. We constantly preach that there is no reason to build a website if no one can find it. Our work ensures clients reap the benefits of a well maintained and well ranked site.

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Did you know that up to 20% of your online traffic and awareness comes from OUTSIDE your website?  And these numbers are on the rise. This is why AKSYS has included Online Business Listing and Business Data creation and maintenance into our regular service packages. In the span of a week your business will have 65-70 business listings blanketing the web, informing new customers, and directing traffic back to your website, phone or straight to your location.

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Our web design customers usually fit distinct groups. Some need a new site from scratch. A few started with a self-built, free site that lacks functionality. An occasional client had their nephew or other youth create their site, but now he’s off to college, unavailable. And most are companies hopeful we can  improve an existing site to perform better.We do it all. AKSYS only requests that clients consider the value of an ongoing relationship and continued effort to make the website a success.

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The difference between a spectacular, eye-catching website and one that is just plain boring, are the photos. Plain and simple. AKSYS encourages the use of a professional photographer to obtain photos of your staff, facility and products. Our preferred photographer can work with you to obtain the images we need for your website and SEO work, or in some instanced, we can capture some images while on location. Your budget, the type of photos needed, and the working environment, all determine our ability to help you with your photography needs.

Drone Video Tours

Nothing says “HEY, LOOK HOW AWESOME WE ARE!” quite like aerial drone video. AKSYS can plan and execute a shoot, edit the video, set it to music or provided in raw form for you commercials or presentations. Our drone video service is primarily focused on the outdoor tourism industry. Together we’ll show your potential customers how spectacular Alaska and your tour operation truly is and give them something to “like and share” on social media. And if you’re not sure how best to deploy a drone for your operation, contact us and we’ll give you plenty of ideas to think about.

Graphic Design

AKSYS had humble beginnings in the world of graphic design, creating business cards for real estate agents. Our work has also included logos, postcards, rack cards, brochures, banners, and even newspaper and magazine layouts. Website also need quality graphics that look good and load fast. We’ve done it all.

While we prefer to stay focused on website SEO, service and support, when the moment arrises that our client needs some specialty graphic design work performed, our graphics toolbox is never far out of reach.

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