AKSYS is happy to provide ongoing, monthly Search Engine Optimization (SEO),
Website Service Calls & Support to our clients.


What does this involve?

Service Calls and Support

Clients often require edits to their website or updates to their social accounts and business information, to include mention of special offers, seasonal service, or simply adding fresh content. Software updates and security improvements are also a concern.

With monthly Service Calls & Support, you’ll get:


No more waiting until the last second, or neglecting to tackle important website issues. AKSYS will take the initiative to contact you. All you need to do is give the order, sit back and relax. NOTE: You might not have anything for us to do, which is why you are not being pre-charged for website edits and updates. You may choose to have work completed within the regularly scheduled SEO hours, or in addition to those hours. Only the extra work requested will be invoiced based on a reduced hourly rate of $60/hour.
A minimum of 2 complete backups are stored locally on your hosting server/account, as well as uploaded to a Cloud storage account managed by AKSYS. If a problem arises with your website, it’s usually only a manner of a couple hours to reinstate a functional version of your site.
Built-in security software will scan your website and notify us of any concerns. These security emails will be read, and if it is determined that there is a security risk, AKSYS will take the necessary steps to mitigate the problem. This usually entails updating software and testing the site to ensure everything is working properly.
All website software, to include all plugins, will be updated at least 1 time per year, mandatory. An additional update may take place if necessary due to security risks, industry notifications or any malfunction of site features.


Search Engine Optimization

Do you know that feeling when you search on Google or Yahoo and see your competitor’s website listed but not your own? If you’ve already been a long-time client of AKSYS you’ve probably forgot those days. When we take consistent action to encourage search engines to understand your website and be aware of new content, suddenly the odds are in our favor to have the site ranked higher and therefore the client receiving increased awareness of their brand, products or service. We’re pleased to share that 100% of our SEO customers have experienced significant improvement in their website ranking. Additionally, AKSYS takes measures to connect social accounts, create online business listings, update those listings, and improve business ranking.

Did you know Google ranks your business separate from ranking your website? We can focus our attention on that aspect of SEO as well.

With monthly SEO services you’ll get:


Each month AKSYS staff research where your website is ranked for up to 20 keywords and take action on the website to improve or add content related to those keywords that need attention. We prioritize keywords, and act on the ones that are both priority and needing of improvement. As the website becomes ranked high for the priority keywords, we then begin working on lower priority keywords. Work might include simple page title and content changes, edits to the meta information (background code that defines various aspects of the site) adding or editing photos and photo details, including new content such as video or printable documents, linking to other sites and sources of information, sharing site content to social pages, linking similar sites together, and so on. Research and coming up with creative ideas to improve the site all take time (and experience), followed by taking action. Very little can be done without a minimum two-hour commitment, and more time equals more work performed for faster, significant gains in the search engines.
As the client you’ll receive notification that SEO work has been completed for the month along with a brief of what work was accomplished. If we see anything of interest, such as a major improvement of ranking, we’ll be sure to let you know. We love tooting our own horn! SEO is a game after all, and everyone loves a good score.
Part of your monthly fee will be used to purchase a Business Data Account. This will allow us to create roughly 65-70 online business listings. Many of these include photos, video, list of services or products, restaurant menus, and even special offers that can link back to distinct pages of your website. We’ll ask you if you want anything special advertised. The Business Data Account also provides a means to more easily connect to social accounts to post or share content. For instance, we might share a 5-Star review about your business, one of your newly completed jobs, new products, or a special announcement. With control of your online business listings we’ll also be notified if someone shares a review online on one of the synced sites.


What next?

Choose a subscription option that fits your budget, pay through the PayPal system, then wait for our call. Packages include:

Get's the job done. Maintains results.
2 Hours SEO Monthly
Business Data Account
Communication & Support
Monthly Reports
For those with a clear mission and goals.
5 Hours SEO Monthly
2 Prepaid Hours Site Edit/Updates
Business Data Account
Communication & Support
Monthly Reports
Expedited results through a concentrated effort.
4 Hours SEO Monthly
Business Data Account
Communication & Support
Monthly Reports

Note: Decreased rate (custom) items listed below do not include all services. They apply only to custom quotes provided to select clients.