Whitewater Rafting Near Anchorage, Alaska with Flow AK

Flow AK whitewater rafting guides in Alaska near Anchorage
Flow AK whitewater rafting tours and guided float trips in Hope, Alaska on Sixmile Creek and Turnagain Arm
Looking for adventure and things to do in Alaska near Anchorage? Book a whitewater rafting tour with Flow AK.

At only 1 hour 45 minutes South along the coast from Anchorage and just an hour and a half North of Seward, visitors and locals won’t want to miss out on whitewater rafting with Flow, AK. Based in Hope, Alaska, Flow AK provides expert guided whitewater rafting tours on Alaska’s renowned Sixmile Creek. This jewel of a river is one of the greatest whitewater runs in North America. The run consists of three canyon sections with numerous rapids in each section.  At lower water levels the first two canyons have Class III and IV rapids, and the third canyon has Class V rapids.  At higher water levels all three canyons are regarded as Class V. This is a serious whitewater adventure! Learn more about whitewater class identification here.

For those who want the outdoor fun without the risk, Flow AK also provides more calm float trips of both Sixmile Creek and Turnagain Arm.

Alaska’s whitewater rafting guides at Flow AK have been a pleasure to work with, fun yet professional. No doubt an ingredient in their success as a rafting guide company despite operating in a state where outdoor tourism operations are plentiful, competing for visitors’ attention across different outdoor disciplines; think rafting versus glacier hikes. Do both if you have the chance!

There’s so much to see and do in Alaska, but our team at AKSYS, having helped to improve Flow AK’s spectacular website, strongly encourage Alaska’s locals and visitors, especially those in the Anchorage, AK area, to take a look at Flow AK’s whitewater rafting and float trip options. There may be a lot to do in Alaska, but very few activities will afford adventurous folks the sort of unforgettable memories, amazing stories, and mantle-worthy photos, as an Alaska whitewater rafting tour.

Take a moment to see for yourself. Visit our client, Flow AK of Hope, AK, on their website at flowak.com. Go direct to the Alaska whitewater rafting options here. Call Flow AK direct at (907) 382-0675.