Help with Website Domain Names

A website requires

  1. Domain Name Registration
  2. Website Hosting or a Website Builder Product
  3. Website Design or Development

You may be able to do it yourself, or consider hiring AKSYS to handle everything from start to finish. We’ll train you on managing your site and hand over the keys so you’re in control. Just contact us to get started.

The first thing a new website requires is a Domain Name (ex: or

Your domain name must be purchased or registered with a domain registration company, and you can register a domain for one year at a time or register for many years in advance to keep things simple. The cost is very affordable either way.

The domain name incorporates some settings. These settings tell computers connected to the internet where your website files are being hosted, or where your email is hosted.

Hosting is discussed in more detail here.

AKSYS has provided an easy, affordable method for anyone to register a website domain. At the same time you will have created an account with AKSYS that can be used to control website hosting, email or other website related products and services.

Feel free to search for and purchase your own domain or ask AKSYS to do it for you then provide you with the account login information. We can also purchase and setup your website hosting at the same time and begin discussions on helping you develop a website.