Alaska’s Immercive Matanuska Glacier Tours & Outdoor Retreats with Sovereign Light, LLC

Chances are you’ve never experienced an Alaska Glacier Tour like this. Operated by Kaydee Scarola, Sovereign Light, LLC takes guests on a journey of discovery and intrigue during walking tours of Matanuska Glacier. In cooperation with Glacier Tours on the Matanuska, the glacier enterance and touring establishment, Sovereign Light affords glacier guests a truly one-of-a-kind experience on everyone’s favorite glacier. Instead of the typical walking-only tours on the ice, Kaydee further guides small groups of explorers to a key, private location on the ice where they pause to partake in various activities. These include guided artwork sessions, listening to almost trance-like harmonics reverberating off the glacier ice, and even meditation. In this otherworldly landscape, Sovereign Light guests have the opportunity to not just tour the sights, but to delve into all the sensory experiences of the picturesque glacier and take their time to appreciate the surroundings fully and engage in activities that the glacier seems to enhance. Truly, it’s not only an immercive glacier tour as Kaydee describes it, it’s an enhanced tour, one of Alaska’s most peaceful, mindful, stimulating, yet calming and appreciative glacier tours. For those looking for a truly unique and uplifting glacier tour, even for first-time glacier travelers, we highly recommend you considering one (or perhaps more) of the Sovereign Light Immercive Glacier Tours.

Learn and perform alcohol ink art on Matanuska Glacier as part of an immersive glacier tour experience
Learn and perform alcohol ink art on Matanuska Glacier as part of an immersive glacier tour experience

Although Kaydee meets glacier tour guests at the Matanuska Glacier entrance, Sovereign Light, LLC is based at Little Bear Getaway Cabins, offering cabin rentals just minutes away. It’s a perfect place to stay while exploring Matanuska Glacier and the surrounding mountains for a couple of days. And it’s here with the cozy accommodations that Sovereign Light offers multi-day, Alaska outdoor retreats for family, friend and working groups. Partake in a helicopter tour, zipline rides, glacier tours, hikes and more. The choice is yours, and there’s hardly a better place to tackle adventure due the magnificence and beauty of Matanuska Glacier, the Matanuska River gorge, and high mountains all around.

AKSYS has worked with the folks at Sovereign Light, LLC and Little Bear Getaway Cabins since their beginning and we’re excited to see their business and offerings grow. With all the many tourism opportunities in Alaska, the state’s natural wonders lack businesses focused on personal wellbeing and deeper connection and understanding with the outdoors. Sovereign Light fills a void and suports those looking for a unique,  personal and more thorough outdoor and glacier tour experience.

Visit the Sovereign Light, LLC website at to learn more and book an immersive glacier tour or outdoor retreat.