Find things to do in Alaska and people to do them with on things to do in Alaska adventures and activities social networking site in Alaska is an adventure-centric social networking site designed to help share and attend adventure activities throughout Alaska. Find things to do in Alaska and people to do them with!

Alaska tourism businesses seem to pop up overnight like mushrooms on the Chugach Forest floor, but it’s not every day that AKSYS has the pleasure of working with a company who’s dedicated to helping locals and visitors explore Alaska on their own. Adventure Buddy ( has a single focus to help people find adventures and friends to adventure with. If you’re looking for things to do in Alaska, this will be the place to start.

Having built from the ground up, it’s our pleasure to inform the public of this exceptional and beneficial new online resource. Here’s how it works in a nutshell.

Anyone can discover and participate in different adventures, currently within the State of Alaska. At its core, the site acts as a listing of adventures, and the term adventure is used loosely. After all, one person’s adventure is another person’s stroll in the park. To each his own! An individual or group of friends might be looking for something extreme like skydiving and whitewater rafting, maybe something a bit tamer such as a walking glacier tour, or perhaps a simple snowshoe outing or visiting an outdoor music festival. Adventures are what we make them so much as we’re learning, exploring, and enjoying life together. provides adventure ideas to those looking for something fun to do in Alaska, but it goes far beyond that. Site members (free membership) can both ATTEND adventures and HOST adventures. Whether they’re a local tourism guide offering paid-for trips, a member of the community willing to help others learn a new Alaska activity, or someone looking for others to explore with, ANYONE can begin their Alaska adventure on

Adventures may be posted to allow all interested guests to attend or limited to a smaller number. For instance, if a rafting guide has 8 seats available across two rafts, or if a community member only has enough room in their van to take 3 other people snowshoeing, whomever posted the adventure can set limitations and approve or disapprove of bookings.

That’s right, attendance control is also a unique feature of adventures on Perhaps the adventure is not suitable for anyone under the age of 21, or the adventure is clearly listed as an all-girls outing (sorry boys!); attendance control will allow the host to ensure only suitable and trusted guests attend.

Beyond proposing and posting adventures, and signing up for trips, allows members to communicate through the site via messaging and live chat. Users can define friends in the system and even form groups. A good example of group formation might involve people who came together for a single hiking adventure but hit it off well enough to form a weekly hiking group. A group would be a good way to plan upcoming adventures or encourage others to join in.

Many years in the making with regard to the site owner’s planning, AKSYS has been very excited to help Adventure Buddy get off the ground. We’re even more excited to facilitate ongoing support of the site and search engine optimization, not only to grow the site, but to help others in Alaska find this invaluable resource and make use of the adventure networking capabilities.

We believe will help guides find clients, clients find guides, and ordinary people to learn about the options to enjoy life in Alaska, how to do so, and make friends while doing it.

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