A stellar logo design for North Star GIS

Logo design for North Star GIS Technical Consulting Services of Eagle River, AK

Having never met with the client directly, and only communicated a couple of times via email, AKSYS was able to produce a stunning (based on the client’s reaction) logo for her consulting business, North Star GIS Technical Consulting Services. Owner, Jean Davidson, later confessed to having been the “typical client that didn’t give you any direction.” In truth, there was some direction provided for the logo design… it just wasn’t much.

Davidson wanted her business name to be combined with a star and compass or some sort of map element.

AKSYS designer Justin Matley pondered this statement for a day or two before concluding that a compass, star, and all the text would be far too busy. He was also aware that Davidson consults for government projects. The logo needed a different type of map element, something that screamed GLOBAL POSITIONING without all the points, degrees, and North, South, East and West cluttering things up. And that thought, while resting after a trip to the gym, sparked the exact and final logo idea. One which would be well received by government clientele with a respect for round, emblem-style logos.

In order to define a North Star you need a Big Dipper pointing at it. And a globe provides the map element and ensures that onlookers realize that even though North Star GIS may be interested in the stars, especially their historical significance for travel and positioning, the company is focused on what’s beneath our feet, Earth’s surface.

The entire concept was relayed to Davidson who agreed it sounded worthwhile. Two days later the final logo design was approved with an enthusiastic, “this is AWESOME!” And Davidson further exclaimed, “you were able to gleam the perfect information in an extremely short amount of time. THANKS!”

Logo design for North Star GIS Technical Consulting Services of Eagle River, AK