Automotive body repair, paint & restoration in Eagle River, AK

A large rust hole, bubbled paint and surface rust have been repaired on the fenders of my Toyotal Land Cruiser

It’s not often AKSYS can reciprocate business with a client; we usually help our clients obtain business from the general public. But in this case I had a vehicle in need of body repair and restoration, and Eagle River Body & Paint was in need of of website improvements… a perfect match.

ERBP owner Bryan Anderson’s old website was lacking responsive features, meaning it wasn’t responding to mobile devices and small screen. One can imagine that when a potential customer was looking for a body repair shop he or she might be in their vehicle, using a mobile phone to investigate body repair businesses in the area. Unaware to Anderson was also the lack of security in the previous website, search engine optimization techniques and social networking features.

Autobody repair, collision repair and custom auto paint in Eagle River, Alaska
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Based on Anderson’s requests, AKSYS created an extremely simple site that he can edit and update, that also looks great on mobile devices. Additional security and automated backups were incorporated into the auto body repair website, and we followed up with search engine optimization.

There’s limited competition for body repair in Eagle River; nevertheless, when searching for Body Repair Eagle River, Auto Body Repair, Custom Car Paint or other terms for the Eagle River area Anderson’s site shows up #1 in most cases. The title of the website stands out and also displays the business phone number, so people can instantly call the shop to schedule a free estimate. An estimate request form encourages customers to contact the shop. AKSYS also linked the website to Eagle River Body & Paint’s Facebook and Google+ pages, and improved those as well to match the website.

AKSYS finished with a true, 5-Star review of ERBP after my Land Cruiser was repaired. Eagle River Body & Paint performed expert repairs of a rust hole in the rear fender, removed and painted two foot-long dents, and repaired additional surface rust and bubbled paint on both rear quarter panels. Those areas of the vehicle look new, and I’m now planning to have ERBP tackle additional, smaller areas of concern to stop rust and improve the factory paint on the doors and rocker panels.

We’re excited to be working with a quality, professional outfit, and even more excited to have benefited from their expert auto repair services. For anyone else interested in learning more about Eagle River Body & Pain, or obtaining a free repair estimate, visit them online: