Moving to Alaska with World Wide Movers, Inc.

Moving to Alaska
Moving to Alaska
Moving to Alaska with World Wide Movers, Inc. of Anchorage, Alaska

For those interested in Moving to Alaska and getting a few quick tips on being prepared, being safe, enjoying our wild outdoor spaces and even having a pleasant and affordable moving experience, Justin Matley wrote this brief article for ITEC‘s client, World Wide Movers, Inc.

With over five years experience as a writer and editor for Alaska Coast Magazine, Alaska’s only locally produced outdoor recreation and travel magazine, it goes without saying that Matley’s article is helpful and informative for newcomers to the Last Frontier. But, the article also serves a second purpose.

As part of an ongoing effort to increase website awareness and improve search engine ranking for World Wide Movers, Inc., Moving to Alaska was written and published to the WWM website, then linked to from other locally-owned websites that benefit by providing their customers and visitors with this helpful information. As an example, is now displaying a Moving to Alaska (or Anchorage) link which directs people to the WWM website to learn more about life in Alaska. Of course, when the reader chooses to use the moving serves of World Wide Movers is when everyone, including the reader, truly wins.

As a result of the creative SEO work, Moving to Alaska has become the second most highly ranked landing page on the WWM website behind the obvious Home page. Professionally written content, creativity and online resources allowed ITEC to increase traffic to the client’s website by an average 120 visits per month.