Best Priced Solar Panels & Solar Equipment in Alaska

Solar panels, batteries, chargers and inverters in Alaska with Long Spring Solar

Based in Eagle River, Alaska, Long Spring Solar sells wholesale solar panels, solar system  batteries, charge controllers and inverters at phenomenal prices compared to the competition. How the owner, Jason Toole, manages to pull this off is quite simple. His overhead is extremely low. As a soon-to-be retired veteran, Toole has no need to gouge buyers, and selling pallets full of solar panels and batteries from his home garage in Eagle River, or delivered to their home, means there’s no large warehouse or storage facility to pass the overhead on to his solar customers. It’s simple genius! Buy large quantities of solar equipment, keep all expenses a low as possible, and pass the savings on to Alaskans!

AKSYS was overjoyed to be involved with this quickly growing company. True story, one of our web developers had decided to purchase solar panels from Long Spring Solar just two days before Toole called AKSYS to enlist our website design services. Perfect timing!

Find the best prices on solar panels in Alaska with Long Spring Solar in Eagle River, Alaska
Find the best prices on solar panels in Alaska with Long Spring Solar in Eagle River, Alaska

On the Long Spring Solar Website at, customers will find information about the company along with standard eCommerce features for searching and browsing all solar equipment for sale. Find solar panels from Q Cell, chargers from Midnight Solar, lithium batteries Kilovault, solar system inverters from Sol Ark, and more. All are purchased in bulk direct form the manufacturer at discounted pricing, allowing for savings to be passed along to the customer.

Solar system customers will find Long Spring Solar’s owner to be very knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and accommodating. This new and growing company is probably one of the best things to happen to Alaska regarding solar power in years. If there’s one thing that we thing everyone can agree on, it’s that Alaska needs AFFORDABLE solar equipment. We encourage anyone in Alaska, especially those in the Anchorage, Eagle River, Palmer and Wasilla area to contact Jason Toole of Long Spring Solar or browse the website at Compare pricing with other dealers and see for yourself why Toole is as busy as can be supplying his solar customers with quality equipment.