Alaska Tutor Directory & Scheduling:

Find a tutor for your child/student in Alaska on is one of the most exciting projects AKSYS has been involved with in years. The concept of David Merritt, this website allows students, or parents of students, to find, schedule, and pay for a tutor in any number of subjects, from elementary reading and writing to Calculus and Advanced Chemistry. is effectively Alaska’s educational tutor directory, pairing students with tutors from across the country, for the specific course of their choice.

Users of the site can approach their tutor scheduling in a few different ways, the most popular being the following:

  1. Browse the Alaska Tutors page to find a tutor that is best suited for the student
  2. Visit the Book a Tutor page to begin the scheduling process.
  3. Choose your desired subject (available tutors will appear next), then select the tutor you decided on previously
  4. Complete the scheduling and payment options

That’s it! Your all set!

Find a tutor for your child/student in Alaska on
Find a tutor for your child/student in Alaska on

Upon completing the process or booking a tutor, the tutor will be required to approve the booking. You’ll receive email updates at every step of the process, and the tutor will reach out to you to discuss how the tutoring session will commence.

With an ever-growing need to assist students in their academics, and with current turmoil as the result of Covid 19 or other factors that require students to partake in non-traditional education such as online classes, there’s never been a better time for Alaska to have a resource for pairing students with tutors. In fact, the creator’s stated vision is, “To bridge the gap between highly qualified educators and Alaskan students seeking opportunity for improvement.” was so well received by the Anchorage Mayor’s Office that admin officials reached out to Mr. Merritt for a partnership. Currently, is in the early stages of a state-wide release. Alaska’s tutor directory and booking system is active and ready to receive tutor booking requests. To see the list of available subjects/courses, or find a tutor that best fits with your Alaska student, pay a visit to today.