A website for the competitive snow removal & landscaping industry of Anchorage, Alaska

Snow Removal and Landscaping in Anchorage Alaska with Glaciers Edge Maintenance

Under the guidance of ITEC, an IT firm also located in Anchorage, Alaska, AKSYS was tasked with building a quick, simple and informative snow removal and landscaping website for then Gray Services which has more recently become Glaciers Edge Maintenance.

Glaciers Edge is a full service landscaping and property maintenance company in Anchorage with a focus on snow removal in winter and landscaping in summer. Whether it’s commercial, residential, or an income property, they’re dedicated to tackling any property maintenance and landscaping issues that may arise. Their landscaping services include single improvement projects or affordable, contracted lawn care.

Snow Removal and Landscaping in Anchorage Alaska with Glaciers Edge Maintenance
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Regarding snow removal, GEM works around the clock to ensure customers receive the best snow removal service at a reasonable price. Servicing both residential and commercial clients in the Anchorage, AK area; GEM has the equipment and expertise to handle snow removal and ice management needs.

Glaciers Edge Maintenance emphasizes that in Anchorage, AK snow removal is not just a convenience, it is risk management. This is especially true for commercial properties, where customers and employees need to come and go safely. If you have a snow removal emergency or require a team to plow on a regular schedule, GEM encourages you to call for a free estimate.

Specifically regarding the website design project and later edits to accommodate the Glaciers Edge Maintenance name and the new logo AKSYS also designed, we’ve paid attention to mobile device support and responsiveness, and occasionally assist in search engine optimization to help people find the GEM website when searching for Snow Removal in Anchorage during the winter and Landscaping or Lawn Maintenance in Anchorage in the summer. This work has all been completed within the client’s budget, as requested.