Alaska Fishing Trips with Alaska Rainbow Lodge

Alaska Fishing Lodge
Alaska Fishing Lodge
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Alaska Rainbow Lodge is one of those rare businesses that—while the owners and staff work hard—hardly seems like a business at all. The work they do is FUN; their drive a passion for fantastic fishing and making their client’s dreams come true! With a combination of superb location on the Kvichak River, an armada of boats and squadron of floatplanes, not to mention superb guides and caring hosts, this Alaska Fishing Lodge provides what most client’s regard as the best fishing in Alaska.

A 30-year-plus operation, Alaska Rainbow Lodge provides plush lodging accommodations and 5-star dining. Offering 5- and 7-day Alaska fishing trips, their guests will fly to prime fish locations—wherever they are that particular day—and often boat and float rivers that comprise the Iliamna-Katmai Watershed into Bristol Bay.

On days when fly-out fishing is not recommended, guests at Alaska Rainbow Lodge can still fish for world-class Rainbow Trout and Salmon right in the Kvichak River or its tributaries. There’s no such thing as a day without fantastic Alaska fishing. If ever there was a sure bet for an unforgettable Alaska fishing trip, Alaska Rainbow Lodge is it!

AKSYS had the pleasure of producing a new website for this almost-historic Alaska fishing lodge. Our task was to provide the information people need to know about the incredible Alaska fishing trips in a clean and minimalist design, while displaying bold and fantastic fishing photos, all in a mobile-friendly and fast layout. The new website is years ahead of the previous version, and those seeking an Alaska fishing trip of their own will want to start and end their search on the new Alaska Rainbow Lodge website!