What’s a good leadership development program?

Corporate leadership skills development program and team building
Corporate leadership skills development program and team building
Master your leadership skills to advance you, your team, and your organization!

If you ask a leadership expert and college professor like Al Bolea what makes a leadership program valuable and beneficial versus a waste of time and money, he’ll point to some key factors. For instance, a true program—as the word implies—involves the trainee on a more complete and complex level. A good program is going to engage the leadership trainee in the learning process, giving them ample opportunity to apply the new leadership skills they’ve learned and receive constructive criticism to help them advance even further. Applying newly-learned leadership skills is part of the foundation of Bolea’s core teachings, hence his program’s name, Applied Leadership Development Program.

Another factor is the overview and combination of program activities themselves. After all, people learn in different ways, and a variety of teaching methods is one of the best methods to help a person grasp concepts and commit knowledge to long-term memory. While some so-called leadership development programs focus on easy-to-execute lectures with very little substance, a truly good leadership program will provide a variety of means to keep trainees engaged. A lessor program might provide worksheets and handouts, while an exemplary leadership program will always cite and critique real-world examples of quality and decisive leadership, involve trainee participation, provide interactive activities, and last long enough for the the knowledge to sink in.

In a quality leadership development program you’ll also recognize an emphasis on team building skills. To lead is to be the mentor of a group of subordinates, and the leader will always depend on that group to work together cohesively and effectively. All the other leadership skills in the world won’t amount to much if the leader is unable to develop a fully functional, cohesive, effective team. Team building skills and leadership skills go hand in hand.

Al Bolea's Applied Leadership Skills Development Program site
Visit the Applied Leadership Development Program site.

And finally, leadership trainers should hopefully have personal, real-world experience, able to share greater and more applicable insight with those working toward growing their leadership talents.

AKSYS has had the pleasure of working with Al Bolea who emphasizes the above aspects of leadership programs and strives to provide tomorrow’s leaders with a competitive edge. His website, albolea.com, at a minimum provides regular articles and leadership insights worth reading. Visitors may also want to purchase a copy of Applied Leadership Development, a textbook coauthored with Leanne Atwater.

The site also offers details and scheduling for Leadership 360 Assessments. The Leadership 360 Assessment is a process for collecting perspectives about an individual’s leadership behaviors and skills from a wide range of observers, including peers, direct reports, boss(es), and people outside the organization, such as clients, family members, and others nominated by the individual to assess them.  Feedback and powerful insights are the key benefits particularly as the assessor’s views are contrasted against the individual’s self-assessment.  In addition, the person receives a comparison of their leadership rating compared to benchmarks established in the ALS range of leadership skills.

Or, simply investigate the Applied Leadership Development Program offered to those who require enhanced leadership skills to advance their organization’s growth and success.

Learn more at albolea.com. Inquire about speaking engagements, leadership coaching, the Applied Leadership Development Program, Leadership 360 Assessments and more.

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