What the heck is an E*Blunt?

Find E*Blunt electronic vaporizers and flavored vapes at EBlunt.com.
Find E*Blunt electronic vaporizers and flavored vapes at EBlunt.com.
Find EBlunt electronic vaporizers and flavored vapes at EBlunt.com

E*Blunt is an Alaskan-owned brand that includes packaging and a process by which a licensed distributor can make and sell their own flavored vapor product to their clientele. E*Blunt’s proprietary electronic vaporizer, a similar contraption to electronic cigarettes, heats  a flavored oil containing marijuana directives (vape) causing it to release flavored vapors that can be inhaled for a little buzz or a calming affect. Following the E*Blunt process, the licensed distributor can produce the vape themselves and maintain the quality and effectiveness of the product.  The E*Blunt vaporizer used to heat the vape is specifically designed to withstand the sort of weather conditions one might experience in Alaska such as wind, rain and extreme cold.

EBlunt.com shares information regarding the E*Blunt product line, company history and distributor opportunities. E*Blunt products are not currently sold direct to the public. Products such as the process to make flavored vapes, packaging and electronic vaporizers, including a unit that looks like a cuban cigar, are sold in bulk to distributors with a distributor agreement.

Learn more about the E*Blunt products and distributor opportunities by visiting the website at EBlunt.com.

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