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It’s an honor to introduce one of our newest clients, Bradly A. Carlson of The Law Office of Bradly A. Carlson, LLC. His firm is comprised of a team of legal professionals in the Anchorage, Alaska area serving clients in a range of legal needs, from divorce law to criminal defense and even veteran defense.

Mr. Carlson is a skilled advocate with experience in both federal and state court.

He brings diverse experience, dedication, litigation capabilities, and legal knowledge to each case.  He is licensed to practice law in both Alaska and Washington, and promises to provide cost-effective legal solutions to everyday people, personally serve the firm’s clients, and listen to each client’s needs to find the right solution. 

After completing an active duty military obligation in 2018, Mr. Carlson returned to Alaska with his family and is now practicing law full-time throughout the state. He remains active in the community by serving as a part-time military attorney in the reserve component and being actively involved in many community organizations. 

Mr. Carlson has spent his entire adult life serving others, and now he wants to serve Alaska residents and aid them through the divorce process, protecting their interests while pursuing an outcome that is ultimately best for the client and their family.  

The decision to end your marriage in divorce is very difficult. It’s a choice that has life-altering consequences and endless uncertainty.

Find an Alaska Divorce Attorney with The Law Office of Bradly A. Carlson, LLC

You and your spouse have spent years falling in love and building a life together. Many times, couples that have decided to end their marriage relationship simply want out of the marriage.

Alaska has two proceedings for ending a marriage: divorce and dissolution.

The divorce procedure is for cases in which the parties cannot agree on all issues. A dissolution proceeding requires that both parties agree on all issues in the termination of marriage. A dissolution is easier for a person not represented by an attorney to do on their own.  Often times, people need the help of an divorce attorney to reach an agreement on all issues. This is especially true in cases where there are significant property or child custody issues.

The decision to end the marriage is the first step. Next, the parties must consider the other consequences of ending the marriage. For example, what happens to the marital home, retirement accounts, and the children? What happens if one party has significantly more education and earning power than the other party? These issues can be difficult to think through on your own while you’re experiencing the stress from making the decision to end your marriage. Moreover, the law surrounding the equitable division of assets is complicated and fact specific. 

The Carlson team is here to help.  They have helped many people obtain just results while ending their marriage. They’ll listen to the facts of your case, identify your goals, and do everything possible to help you achieve them. The Law Office of Bradly A. Carlson, LLC welcomes the opportunity to be your advocate during this difficult part of your life.

Knowing your options and being proactive can go a long way towards ensuring the best possible outcome. The Law Office of Bradly A. Carlson, L.L.C. focuses on providing legal solutions to you in a cost-effective manner. Your choice for legal representation is a technology-based and technology-driven modern law firm. Their goal is to capitalize on modern technology to provide you with cost-effective divorce solutions in a timely manner, and their approach allows them to meet with you at any time that is convenient for you. While your legal problems are important, your life should neither stop nor revolve around your legal problems.

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