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(Ads, Business Cards, Rack Cards, etc.)


  • Existing Website

    In most cases AKSYS is capable of gaining control of an existing website. Clients often loose touch with their existing web designer or have found cause to seek out a new designer to make changes or improvements. We can help. Clients need only provide us with an explanation of their needs, an agreement on costs associated with the work, and access to the hosting or FTP account for the website. In some cases, for instance when changing hosting accounts, we’ll require access to the registration account for the domain name (ex: www.yourdomain.com might be registered with godaddy.com or networksolutions.com). And, if gaining access to your domain or hosting account is part of the problem, there are usually options to accomplish this. The last resort is to start fresh, and AKSYS will be there with you for the duration of the process to make sure your company or organization is well represented online. Please contact us for assistance.

  • New Website

    New websites are our specialty, and the process is as simple as we can make it. An AKSYS representative will discuss the project with the client. Next, he or she will provide the client with a custom document that provides the project’s specification. We call this a Spec Sheet. The Spec Sheet assures that we’re all on the same page. We’ll know what the purpose of the website is, who the intended audience is, how it might look, what pages it will have, any special features that need to be included, and an estimated date of completion. The Spec Sheet also acts as a quote. The cost will be provided on the document and the client has the option to sign off or make changes. With a signed Spec Sheet and 1/2 of the total cost paid in advance, AKSYS will begin tackling the job. The client will almost always be required to provide specified content, and they’ll be asked to approve the work a time or two during the design phase. When the project is at or beyond half compete, and the client approves of the work, final payment will be due to complete the project and launch the site.
    Congratulations, you’re online!

    What you need to get started…

    1. Please have an idea of the pages you’ll need on your site. Looking at competitor sites may help.
    2. Find a couple of websites already online that you like the look of. This will save many hours and help us give you a design you love.
    3. Set a budget for yourself. We’ll be up front about our costs, so you’ll know if you need the project trimmed back a little or if you want to go with the works. If you’re comfortable with sharing your budget, we can tailor the website to fit it. Smaller sites might run in the $720-$2,000 range. Larger sites may cost anywhere from $3,000 and up. Costs are affected by our estimate of hours to complete the project, technical aspects that tend to cause more labor and troubleshooting, planning and discussion times, and any items that will need to be purchased such as the domain name itself or stock photography.
    4. Contact us to discuss the website and get started.

Print Media

  • Print media couldn’t be easier.

    All we need to know is what you need, how many, and how soon. AKSYS will typically require a digital version of your logo, or we can recreate it. Some of our more commonly requested print designs are for ads, business cards, postcards, rack cards or posters. More options are available, and we’d be happy to quote the final printed product for you. Contact us to request a print design or print product.