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The new marijuana laws in Alaska will provide a foundation and guidance for the legal growth, sale and use of marijuana and marijuana related products. As we’ve recently seen in other states, Alaska can expect an immediate economic boom as a result of cannabis related commercial endeavors. AKSYS will remain available to assist any entrepreneur with the courage to jump in on the action.

Our Willingness to Assist Your Endeavor

AK 420 Fest marijuana website and logo design by AKSYS in Eagle River and Anchorage, Alaska
This rough 420 Fest logo design is a work in progress. Return for updates as the logo and website designs continue. For more information on the marijuana industry and laws in Alaska, visit the Marijuana Industry Summit website at

To be quite honest, we’re a little excited as we prepare to support the marijuana industry in Alaska with anything from logo design, business cards, brochures or a website presence for the newly-forming businesses. At this time, AKSYS is one of very few web design agencies willing to assist new business owners with their marijuana website—to include ecommerce websites with online payments within the law—and understands that many of these new cannabis businesses will need guidance and creative ideas to help them succeed. Already a feather in our cap is the Marijuana Industry Summit website, and we’ll continue development of the 420 Fest site and logo as the event develops.

Your Concern is Our Concern

Natural business competition will require that each business owner put his or her best foot forward with their marketing to establish themselves as a reputable and knowledgeable company. As we saw with the booming .COM start-ups in the 90’s, many of the initial marijuana industry businesses in Alaska are likely to fail or be overrun by business owners who take a greater initiative in not only their service and product line… but their marketing as well. Fortunately there are a handful of professionals in the Anchorage area willing to assist in a manner that puts the client’s best interest first.

Available to Communicate

Don’t hesitate to call or use the contact form on this website. We can discuss your general needs over the phone and schedule a casual meeting to further “hash” out the details. Puns aside, we truly look forward to being professionally involved with your business venture and providing the best marijuana website and marketing materials your budget will allow.