The most comprehensive Hydroponics and Indoor Gardening supplies site in Alaska

Hydroponics Alaska and Indoor Gardening in Alaska
Hydroponics Alaska and Indoor Gardening in Alaska
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When compared to other Anchorage or Alaska based hydroponics and indoor gardening supplier websites, it’s clear to see that Southside Garden Supply, with three locations in Anchorage, has set the standard for an informative, product-filled, social friendly site. SGS consistently posts helpful tips and educational articles related to hydroponics and indoor gardening in Alaska. Through the use of a social networking tool AKSYS provides to our clients, SGS is able to post their products and gardening advice to multiple social networking sites to connect with customers and provide great customer service. Hydroponics supplies and indoor gardening equipment such as grow lights, reflective tents and fertilizers are searchable right on the website. Customers can research and purchase right there,  saving them a trip to the store. And the SGS website is pleasing to look at, easy to navigate, informative, and the entire package and company is poised to provide the best customer experience possible.

Under the management of ITEC, AKSYS was tasked with building the original Southside Garden Supply website and more recently with updating their hydroponics and indoor gardening focused website for mobile use, online sales and enhanced search engine performance.

Furthermore, AKSYS is providing regular search engine performance services to ensure that Alaskans find Southside Garden Supply more readily online. Those interested in hydroponics or indoor gardening will likely find listed at the top of the first page of Google for various searches. We’ve tripled the amount of traffic the website receives compared to last year through proven tactics.

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