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A custom website for Anchorage’s custom Cerakote ceramic applicator

Phil Lincoln, owner of Precision Cerakote of Anchorage, Alaska, approached AKSYS with the prospect of getting a new website. He had one “in the works,” but like the all-too-common story goes, it was in the works for a very long time. He pulled the plug on the existing website work and approved an AKSYS plan […]

Moving to Alaska with World Wide Movers, Inc.

Moving to Alaska

For those interested in Moving to Alaska and getting a few quick tips on being prepared, being safe, enjoying our wild outdoor spaces and even having a pleasant and affordable moving experience, Justin Matley wrote this brief article for ITEC‘s client, World Wide Movers, Inc. With over five years experience as a writer and editor […]

An auto repair shop with an affinity for imports

Specialized Import Auto Service of Anchorage for Toyota, Subaru, Honda, Mercedes and imported car repair

Specialized Import Auto Service of Anchorage, Alaska was referred to AKSYS by another client of ours—a good sign that our work is paying off. SIAS already had a logo, they had a website and marketing materials and in fact they’ve been in business since 1988. What they needed was a little SEO love on their […]

Erin Kirkland, an Alaska author with online book sales

The author with her adventure-bound family on a typical, Alaska summer day

Having been involved with Erin Kirkland’s blog,, for some years now and more recently created custom maps for her new book, Alaska On the Go: Exploring the 49th State with Children, the next task was to create a specific website for book sales and online ordering. The Alaska On the GO website took approximately […]

Arctic Green, a landscaping company in Anchorage

Landscaping and Snow Removal in Anchorage, AK

Arctic Green has been in business serving the landscaping, snow removal and small engine repair needs of Anchorage for over 26 years. Their operation is large enough to handle commercial jobs and post employees on emergency details, yet small enough that customers can speak directly to the owner and get one-on-one assistance in designing and […]