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A Kenai River lodge and vacation home

Alaska's latest Kenai River lodge and vacation home rental

The next time you’ll be doing a little Kenai River fishing or you’re planning an Alaska vacation, do yourself a favor and consider making reservations at Kenai Keys Fishon Inn. While staying at this Kenai River lodge with large suites, a luxury vacation home rental, and Kenai River waterfront cabins (coming soon), you’ll have access to 390 feet […]

What the heck is an E*Blunt?

Find E*Blunt electronic vaporizers and flavored vapes at

E*Blunt is an Alaskan-owned brand that includes packaging and a process by which a licensed distributor can make and sell their own flavored vapor product to their clientele. E*Blunt’s proprietary electronic vaporizer, a similar contraption to electronic cigarettes, heats  a flavored oil containing marijuana directives (vape) causing it to release flavored vapors that can be inhaled for a little […]

IT services provided by ITEC of Anchorage

ITEC Website Design in Anchorage, Alaska

We’ve learned a lot from ITEC, like the importance of computer and network up-time to improve workflow, data security and backups, system and software updates and maintenance, email hosting and the usefulness cloud data storage. There are many aspects of a business or organization’s IT than people realize. Fortunately ITEC provides all these services to businesses both […]

A website for the competitive snow removal & landscaping industry of Anchorage, Alaska

Snow Removal and Landscaping in Anchorage Alaska with Glaciers Edge Maintenance

Under the guidance of ITEC, an IT firm also located in Anchorage, Alaska, AKSYS was tasked with building a quick, simple and informative snow removal and landscaping website for then Gray Services which has more recently become Glaciers Edge Maintenance. Glaciers Edge is a full service landscaping and property maintenance company in Anchorage with a focus […]

The most comprehensive Hydroponics and Indoor Gardening supplies site in Alaska

Hydroponics Alaska and Indoor Gardening in Alaska

When compared to other Anchorage or Alaska based hydroponics and indoor gardening supplier websites, it’s clear to see that Southside Garden Supply, with three locations in Anchorage, has set the standard for an informative, product-filled, social friendly site. SGS consistently posts helpful tips and educational articles related to hydroponics and indoor gardening in Alaska. Through […]