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Desiderata Bed and Breakfast of Anchorage, Alaska
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Anchorage Bed and Breakfast owner, Sheli Dodson, was introduced to the AKSYS team during a short presentation at Alaska Pacific University regarding websites and specifically website SEO. As a side business Dodson runs a bed and breakfast out of her home, making use of spare bedrooms and her hosting talents, to generate additional income and have a little fun meeting new people in the process. Dondson is also a distributor for some healthy hair products and essential oils, all of which are featured on her primary site, which in turn directs customer to for booking a room, for the hair products, and for, you guessed, the essential oils.

AKSYS was primarily focused on the Anchorage, Alaska bed and breakfast website. Our mission was to update and improve on the existing site which was originally developed with the help of an online, overseas, web design service. As is often the case with such services, Dodson’s website was mostly complete but lacking in cohesion, clear messaging, some graphic pizzazz and proper search engine optimization.

In general, the Anchorage bed and breakfast site was updated with improved colors and background imagery; the home page of the site improved with focused sections of content pertaining to the bed and breakfast, hair products and oils; and photos and buttons implimented to help direct site visitors straight to the content they are interested in. For instance, the Anchorage bed and breakfast section now includes buttons directing visitors to learn more about Dodson’s BnB operation, or straight to where they may book a room. On the “More Information” page, additional stats, room photos, booking buttons and text help guests better determine their booking plans.

Borealis Room at Desiderata Bed and Breakfast of Anchorage, AlaskaAdditionally, AKSYS created and now maintains 65 business listings for Sheli Dodson’s bed and breakfast, each with Anchorage, Alaska location information, map, photos, complete description, link to the site, and in some cases direct links to for booking the bed and breakfast.

Dodson’s bed and breakfast is apparently a big hit with guests who often leave 5-star reviews. Rooms are neat a tidy and well decorated for comfort, and the host is not only a pleasure to work with as a client of AKSYS, she’s an “Superhost” based on the overwhelmingly positive reviews. Anyone interested in a comfortable, affordable and conveniently located bed and breakfast in Anchorage should consider this lodging option. Pay a visit to learn more.