Giamante, Custom Jewelry & Diamonds in Anchorage

Jewelry Anchorage, AlaskaAKSYS would like to introduce Joseph and Debi Gimeno of Giamante in Anchorage, Alaska. Their fine jewelry, engagement rings, custom jewelry and jewelry repair shop located at 2101 Abbott Road #8 is growing steadily as new customers and passersby learn that this is a tasteful jewelry gallery run by professional, caring, knowledgeable owners . The focus of Giamante is quality, fine jewelry and engagement rings that showcase the unique taste and desire of their clientele.

Their service focus also includes jewelry appraisals and diamond sales. Appraisals can be obtained by simply stopping into their shop or contacting them to schedule a visit. Diamonds are easily searched online using Giamante’s online Diamond Inventory tool. ¬†Anchorage area residents can benefit from Joseph and Debi’s willingness to educate customers, helping them choose the perfect diamond, within their budget. Search for diamonds here: Diamonds Anchorage.

Custom jewelry and Jewelry Repair in Anchorage, AK

AKSYS was able to improve upon their existing website platform, simplify the overall design of the site at the request of client, and built in some additional features. The Giamante site includes features to showcase jewelry, provide a customer jewelry box, and significantly improve search engine ranking of the site overall.

Giamante is now on the first page of Google when searching for jewelry in Anchorage.

If you’re in Anchorage looking for jewelry, engagement rings, repairs or custom jewelry design, we recommend paying Giamante a visit. Joseph and Deb are friendly, helpful and have their customer’s best interests in mind.

Visit Giamante Jewelry of Anchorage, Alaska.

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